Studio 'Plein Soleil'


The “Plein Soleil” is a studio of 35 sqm (376 square feet) which consists out of:

Price: starting at 135 euro / night for two persons

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Next to this studio, you can find a room of 14m². This room is equipped as a second bedroom. The door of this bedroom opens toward the terrace of the “Plein Soleil”. There is no running water in this room. It is equipped with a double bed, a large sofa and a closet for your clothes. The terrace is more than large enough for 4 persons. In the studio itself, there is enough space: it is equipped with a table and 4 chairs, the kitchen is equipped for 4 persons, etc.


35 m² - 2/3 persons


35 m² - 2/3 persons


32 m² - 2/4 persons


45 m² - 2/4 persons

Plein soleil

35 m² - 2/4 persons


90 m² - 2/5 persons

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